How is a Home like a Neighborhood?

Linda Walters
October 24, 2022
October 24, 2022

Ever notice that the nicest families live in houses with front porches?  Home buyers have so many things to think about when they look for a home that they often overlook the "feeling" of the neighborhood.  Just like homes, neighborhoods have a personality and a feel.  Neighborhoods with sidewalks and front porches attract neighborly folks and like-minded, socially active families.  This type of neighborhood can be just what a home buyer wants.  Not so easy to find, though.

On any day in the life of this Main Line agent, we are looking for signs of a thriving neighborhood for our home buyers.  Front porches with chairs, sidewalks with walkers, neighborhood associations that sponsor events and parties or have Facebook pages.  All are signs of a good area.  A lot of involvement in the schools (active PTA), good sports programs and access to parks and recreation are also features that define a great neighborhood.

Home buyers should rely on a good buyer’s agent to provide this kind of insight into neighborhoods so the home buying process includes those very important factors.  Using an expert is almost always free to the buyer. Check out those front porches, folks!

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