Ten Things Buyers Look For in a Home.

A generation ago, most home buyers were couples and families. Now those buyers include single women and men and same sex partners with distinct needs, lifestyles and aspirations. Here's what they’re looking for in a home now:

10. Smarter Homes
People who grew up with smart technology now expect it in their cars and homes. With a smart home and high internet, your home will sell faster.

9. Workplace Proximity
Suburban sprawl, traffic and busy lifestyles have made long commutes a headache. Today’s buyer looks for a home situated to minimize their commute and support a healthy work-life balance.

8. Energy Efficiency
With living green and saving money in vogue, energy efficient homes now top the “wanted” list.

7. All the Amenities
Younger buyers with a taste for city life seek out Main Line communities with the same urban amenities, from gyms to cafes.

6. Open Design
The preferred home for younger buyers features airy, open floorplans (perfect for parties!) and the freedom to convert spaces into an office, man cave or walk-in closets.

5. Longevity
Until recently, buyers expected to live in homes for ten years or less. Today's buyers look for a home that can evolve with their lifestyle for fifteen years or more.

4. A Social Circle
Younger buyers want homes in progressive areas where they can enjoy an active lifestyle and socialize with people from diverse backgrounds.

3. Less Maintenance
Buyers looking at a house in the suburbs think “maintenance” they don’t want, and time and expense they can’t afford. A well-built home with minimal upkeep is a prime objective.

2. Affordability
A changing job market, rising costs and student debt, and general anxiety about the economy have made buyers increasingly aware of financial risks, making today’s buyers comfortable with smaller, more affordable homes.

1. Location
Today the neighborhood is as important as the home itself. Buyers assess their surroundings with a critical eye, from traffic and schools to the neighbors and crime statistics.

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