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  1. Buyers should find an agent before visiting an open house or a builder’s sales office.
  2. If I offer the listing price, the seller has to sell to me.
  3. My agent is required to get me the best deal.
  4. If the home inspector points out things not “up to code,” the seller must fix them.

1. True
If you start talking with the seller’s representative, you may be precluded from hiring or bringing in your own agent!

2. False
A seller can choose not to accept unless the reason, such as discrimination, is prohibited by law.

3. Maybe
Unless an agent has signed a contract to serve as your buyer's agent, they are not legally obligated to act in your best interests.

4. False
Codes are updated, but there's no requirement that homes be upgraded to keep up. Your contract and local resale regulations will spell out your rights.

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