Simple Tips for Sellers

  • Make appointment times easy to schedule. Your child’s nap time may be the only time an out-of-town buyer can see your house.
  • Leave well before the agent and buyers arrive, and don’t return for at least an hour if possible. Most buyers see several houses in a day, so agents need at least a half-hour window for the arrival time.
  • Yes, leave for all appointments.
  • Make the front entrance as attractive as possible. A pot of healthy flowers and a new welcome mat can make the difference.
  • Eliminate every odor: smoke … cooking … cat litter … musty basement. They're the #1 reason buyers walk right out of a house.
  • Remove family photos and personal items like diplomas from shelves and walls. Buyers spend time looking at those, instead of your home.
  • Leave short lists of improvements you've made, and what you love about the neighborhood. Give buyers a friendly “bonus” to take home.
  • A dish of candy or cookies is a nice “boost” for tired buyers. It may just make them take another look at your lovely home.

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