What advice do you give buyers when you show homes?

An excellent question: Trying to see your home through the eyes of your buyers can be hugely helpful. Here’s my advice to them:

OUTSIDE: Curb appeal is overrated. You can fix most curb appeal issues with paint and landscaping. More important is the location of the home on the lot. Is it on a downhill or uphill slope? What direction does it face? How do you enter the home? Will exterior maintenance be expensive? How old are the roof and windows? Is there an expansive yard, gardens, deck, patio or porch?

INSIDE: I always take my buyers to the kitchen first. Forget the granite counters for now. How much light gets into the kitchen? Does the cook face out into a garden, or another room? Or will you be staring at a wall? Is there a pantry? Is there room to eat at a counter or table? How good are the cabinets, counters and appliances?

BASEMENT: Always check the basement. Do the sniff test for water issues – it's the best way to know if there's been a problem. If the laundry is here, is it pleasant enough? What’s the condition of the heating system? Read any maintenance records. See how neat the electric panel looks. It’s a sure sign of a good electrician.

REST OF HOUSE: The big money items are either outside, or in the kitchen or basement. The remainder of the house should be attractive, functional in layout, have adequate storage and appear well maintained. Look for well-calked tubs, clean fireplaces, and etc

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