We're thinking of downsizing when our last child goes off to college. Any advice?

Don’t tear out that old bathroom yet! The critical step now is probably routine maintenance...

Come Spring...

  • Check that your sump pump is working by pouring water in the pit.
  • Schedule an annual termite inspection and keep the warranty current.
  • Turn off the humidifier, clean or replace air filters, and tune up the AC.
  • Trim trees away from your roof and electrical wires, and prune overgrown shrubs to keep windows clear. This keeps the home looking fresh and well-tended for future buyers to admire as they drive by.

In the Fall...

  • Schedule your furnace inspection. Be sure they check every unit inside and out, including a humidifier. Have them clean or replace the filters, and note all that they do on a chart attached to the furnace.
  • Drain and shut off outside water faucets and bring any hoses inside.
  • Cover outside air conditioning units to keep out leaves and snow, and inhibit rust.
  • Inspect your roof for cracked, mossy or missing shingles.
  • If black algae is growing on your roof shingles, ask if the manufacturer offers a cleaner.

The next steps may be the most important to maintaining your home’s value…

  • Clear all gutters, downspouts, and drains at least twice a year. Clogged gutters and downspouts are the leading cause of roof leaks and water damage to homes.
  • Replace damaged caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Look for signs of animals entering through attic vents, chimneys or garage openings.
  • Fill driveway cracks with a petroleum-based sealer.

Do these things routinely, and it will be obvious to potential buyers and their agents that your home is well maintained. So, what’s the next step? Begin to de-clutter. Many good businesses specialize in making that process stress-free. They can help you decide what to keep, and find places to sell or donate the rest.

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